Download 2017: No. 38 - Moose Blood - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon



Moose Blood

Download Festival

The Avalanche Stage

Sunday, June 11



When Moose Blood set out on their musical adventure, their hopes and dreams were packed carefully inside a spotted hankerchief tied to the end of a pole they slung across their back.

Initially the trio, from Canterbury, Kent, set themselves the goal of playing a few live shows in local pubs and clubs and maybe send a few original songs out into the world.

Fast forward five years and to the present day? Moose Blood are playing second to last on The Avalanche Stage ahead of a number of established bands and it is safe to say their targets have changed a bit over the years,

“We never set ourselves targets when we started this band,” says guitarist Mark Osborne. “We just wanted to release a few songs and maybe play some local shows, so the fact that we are now having this great opportunity to play Download is a bit mind blowing!

“You can expect to see us shitting ourselves!”

Moose Blood have been gathering momentum like a runaway train and taking stock and reflecting on their journey is something Osborne says they have to do.

“I think it's important to do that from time to time, especially during time at home,” he says honestly.

“It allows us to appreciate all the great opportunities we've had and feel extremely thankful for them. We've done things we never thought possible.”

Moose Blood have been taking both sides of the pond by storm with a hugely successful run of dates across North America. And much like being invited to play Download, touring the States is another 'pinch me, is this real' kind of feeling for Osborne.

“America was great,” he says. “It's quite unbelievable that we can even tour in the US at all, let alone do a full headline tour and sell a bunch of shows out. It's really crazy and quite difficult to comprehend at times.

“You never think things like that are going to happen to you. Crowds in the US are awesome, and very similar to at home in the UK. We can't express how grateful we really are to those people who come to see us.”