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By Eric Mackinnon


The Charm The Fury

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The Dogtooth Stage

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Humans are closing their eyes and ignoring many of the real problems in the world and instead feeding their blindness with a staple diet of mindless television and ignorance says Caroline Westendorp, frontwoman with The Charm The Fury.

The Dutch metallers will be bringing their metalcore riffs to The Dogtooth Stage on Sunday, June 11, and Caroline says they are a metal band who put their balls to the wall when playing live.

“People who've encountered us online would probably refer to TCTF as 'a band with a female vocalist', but I'm hoping that they'd see that we are way more than that,” she tells The New Rock Times.

“We're not just another band with a female vocalist, but a metal band with a balls to the walls live show. Riffs, breakdowns, no bullshit and definitely not some kind of 'act'.”

The Charm The Fury released their third album earlier this year and the title 'The Sick, The Dumb and Happy' was not a title they chose lightly.

“The main theme revolves around the fact that we are becoming blind for the real problems in the world,” she explains.

“It kind of goes two ways: a lot of people nowadays only want to eat their burger, sit on the couch and watch mindless TV shows all day every day. We’d like to close our eyes for the bigger problems in the world simply because it’s becoming way easier to not look at them. It’s like we’re here for our own hedonistic purposes.

“We are becoming sick, dumb and happy. On the other hand you have the big companies abusing that fact. Trying to show us one-sided perspectives of real world cases (for example: Trump eliminated a few media channels from the white house),  and you have the big commercial companies trying to feed us these products that ‘we truly need in life’- a shallow and hollow life if you ask me.”

Music and metal has always been an outlet for expression and freedom of speech, and Caroline feels musicians should use their ability to reach bigger audiences.

“It enables us to express ourselves the way we want to and being granted an actual audience that listens to you is something very important,” she reveals. “It gives us the ability to spread awareness about what we consider as real problems in the world (it's unfortunate that not all metal fans think the same, for example: Corey Taylor and his anti-Trump tweets: it strikes me how many people react to it with 'oh shut up, we don't want to hear your opinion').”

Their track 'Echoes' was penned specifically on the subject of free speech.

“Echoes is a response to aftermath of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris back in 2015,” she explains. “At the time, there was an emerging debate whether or not we should be able to offend others -religious beliefs in particular- and whether free speech can go too far.

“In our opinion, being able to express criticism freely is the only thing that stands between us and a total degradation of civilised society as we know it. At the end of the day, offense is something that is taken, not given.”

With 20 festival appearances scheduled for a packed summer, The Charm The Fury will be getting around in 2017 and they will be on the road in October too.

Caroline added: “We will be heading out on tour with Amaranthe and Eluveitie in Europe - we'll also be playing London! So please come by and check it out.”