Download 2017: No. 47 - Drones - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon



Download Festival

The Dogtooth Stage

Saturday, June 10, 2017


If Lois McDougall doesn’t finish her set on top of The Dogtooth Stage tent then she jokes she hasn’t done her job properly.

The frontwoman for London punk band Drones is planning on hitting Donington Park – hard. Fully hungover, fully hardcore and with their full musical arsenal primed to blast the Download Festival crowd.

“At Download people can expect a wake up call,” says Lois.

“No I mean literally... We're on early on the Saturday so people need to come and help me through my hangover! We'll be going for it, that's for sure. We play what's been described as full on melodic hardcore-punk.

“Our music is laced with political lyric ideas, but not in an intimidating way. This is my first time playing Download so if I don't end up on top of the tent, I will have let myself down.”

She continues: “Personally I often still get anxious before shows. My guts screw themselves into a ball. As soon as we start playing I'm always fine though. The other guys are too cool to be nervous!”

As Lois revealed, Drones are a band who are not afraid to express an opinion or aim a lyrical blast at the highest office in the land, a concept and trend which will continue into the band’s forthcoming album.

“I think it's important to have your own opinions and to be open to changing them based on new information,” she tells The New Rock Times. “For me it's about keeping an open mind and not just forcing what you believe to be right on others.

“I think being in a band provides such a huge platform for inciting change that it's important to take advantage of that yeah. Hence the ideas in our new single and soon to be album.

“Right now we're finishing up an album from which we'll be releasing some more music very soon, so watch out for that.

“We're also playing a few shows and more festivals over summer which you can find details of on our Facebook page. Right now we're focused on this single we've just released and getting pumped for Download. Bring it on!”