Download 2017: No. 46 - Casey - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon



Download Festival

The Dogtooth Stage

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Playing Download was a dream confesses frontman Tom Weaver from Casey but it was a dream he never dared consider a realistic target this early in their career.

Casey have earned a slot on The Dogtooth Stage this year just six short months after their debut album dropped – much to the surprise of Tom and his band mates.

“The offer to play Download was never really expected at all to be honest,” he tells The New Rock Times.

“It’s held in such high regard as a prestigious rock festival, we’d never really pinned our hopes on being considered to appear there.  It’s a great honour though to be asked to play and we’re all very much looking forward to it.”

With The Dogtooth Stage being a tent based stage – does Tom have any secret hopes for a deluge from above to send the festival goers scampering in for cover?

“This actually happened to us when we played Butserfest last year,” he laughs.

“It was kinda cool because it made the place looked absolutely packed, but in reality those people weren’t there to see us, they weren’t concerned with what we were doing, they were just looking forward to the rain stopping so they could go see the bands they came to see.

“We’d rather the weather stay fine and play to a handful of people who really care about what we’re doing, than play to a full tent of people who are just gonna talk through our set.”

Casey are a band who wear their musical heart on their sleeve. Their website greeting reads: ‘Music is our labour of love,’ and Tom concedes music is the be all and end all for the Casey gang.

“We’re a fairly self-enclosed band when playing live, we tend to vibe with each other on the stage and not concern ourselves too greatly with what happens beyond there,” he explains.

“Lately I’ve definitely noticed an increasing in crowd participation though which has been very humbling, to know that people are taking time to sit down and learn the words to our songs is incredible.

“All of the songs are based on events that have taken place over the last decade.”

Following on from their Download showcase where are Casey headed?

Tom adds: “We have some more touring to do after the summer, then we’ll start planning for 2018; we have some fairly ambitious plans in the works, so hopefully they pay off.”