Download 2017: No. 45 - I The Mighty - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon


I The Mighty

Download Festival

The Dogtooth Stage

Saturday, June 10, 2017-06-04


I The Mighty are looking to mark their Download debut with their first overseas beer and possibly a new inking to mark the occasion too.

Frontman Brent Walsh broke some bread with The New Rock Times this week ahead of the California rockers appearance on The Dogtooth Stage this coming weekend.

And Walsh says his band will be bringing their balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, full octane energy to Donington Park.

“With gear and tech stuff playing a festival is absolutely different to a normal show,” says Brent.

“But as far as the set is concerned, we just pick some more of our high energy songs and do what we always do. It sounds cliché, but we pour everything we have into every live performance we do. Whether that's at Camden Assembly to a couple hundred people, or a huge festival.”

“At Download we have two good buddy bands playing the festival on the same day, Coheed and Cambria and Pierce the Veil. There are heaps of people I want to see, but I just hope to be there to support them and hang afterwards. We've all already cemented it's a must to have our first beer overseas together. Maybe even a new tat.”

Camden Assembly will of course provide the venue for I The Mighty to make their UK headline show debut – something Brent is eagerly anticipating.

“I can't wait for it,” he says excitedly. “The shows aren't crazy different from back home as far as crowd participation. Some places are better than others.

“I will say though, seeing a great number of people singing your words back to you being thousands of miles from home and on another continent, is a pretty unexplainable feeling. It's amazing in your own country, but being someplace you've never been and audibly hearing an accented twist on your own song is one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced.”

A full length album is in the offing from the alt-rock four-piece who have promised to maintain their constantly evolving musical style which has keeps fans guessing what’s to come next.

“We're keeping most of that under wraps for now,” he tells New Rock Times. “I can tell you it's most likely a fall release. As far as the record is concerned, it's definitely different. Though, if you've been following us since we started over 8 and a half years ago, you know we never do the same thing twice.

“This record follows that trend. We are all extremely proud of it, and I think it's the strongest songwriting we've ever had. Which, in the end, is the most important thing for the four of us.”

I The Mighty have never been a band to follow the cookie cutter mould of song writing or even the way they release music. Back in 2010 they dropped an EP ‘Hearts & Spades’ which they offered for completely free to their most devoted of fans.

“Back then we actually had what we called a "track hunt" to help promote our socials,” Brent recalls.

“Basically the way it worked was: Each one of our social media platforms was worth a track. In order to obtain a download link to each track, there was some sort of fan engagement (an add, a share, a like etc)...

“Thus, once you completed the track hunt, you'd not only get our EP for free but you had already done your due diligence to help us grow and promote. It worked well and people seemed to love it.”

“The way that the industry rolls out a new record is constantly changing, and the material we write is constantly progressing. However, the frame work is the same. We make a full length, film some videos, and figure out the best way to present it.”

But which is more important to a modern, growing band: touring or record sales?

Brent adds: “Touring is vital to making a living. We hardly make money from record sales, and Spotify has ensured that's not going to change. So touring is how we afford to live, survive and grow.