Download Festival 2018: Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive

Download Festival

Second Stage

Saturday, June 9, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


“What you have can be gone so quickly,” says Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall. “You have no idea how fast it can all come crashing down.”

Speaking about the band's forthcoming sixth album titled 'Reverance,' he explains the album title was born from a determination to seize the day – every single day.

“‘Reverence’ is basically making the most of what you have and the time you have, and being conscious of it. It’s quite simply that. It comes from a very dark place and the revelation of that came from a very dark place too. It’s the fact that what you have can be gone very quickly.

“It’s simply taking the time to realise just what you have because at the end of the day, time is the only thing that’s worth anything. You can’t buy it.”

Making the most of every opportunity is a motto which Parkway Drive live their life by and with a Second Stage headline slot veering into their line of sight at this summer's Download Festival – you can bet your life this is an opportunity the Aussie metallers will grab with both fists.

Due out on May 4, 'Reverance' is a deeply personal record for the band and one could be white-hot by the time they headline the second stage at Donington Park this summer.

“Reverence represents the most honest and personal record we have ever created,” continues McCall.

“It has been born through pain, sacrifice, and conviction, with the ultimate goal of expanding not only what Parkway Drive stand for musically, but who we are as people. Thank you for listening.”

This summer promises to be massive for the metalcore heroes with their new album ready to erupt into earbuds and onto devices near you soon and their big chance to climb the bill at Download.

“Our hopes are to create music that represents the people we are and what we enjoy doing. That’s always been the goal from day one,” Winston adds.

“Secondly, as always, we hope to share the sound with as many people as we can. You can’t force music on anyone; they have to connect with it, so we have no desire to try and manipulate what we do in the hope that more people will accept it.

“We are at a crazy place when it comes to the amount of people picking up our records and rocking up to see our live shows, and we plan on stepping it up in both departments. We have so much planned for this year.”