Neck Deep

Download Festival

Avalanche Stage

Saturday, June 9, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


Neck Deep are three albums deep into a musical journey which shows no signs of diverting off the upward trajectory they fastened their wagon too five years ago.

It is to their enormous credit, and in spite of the fading popularity of many of the more established pop-punk names, that they have bucked the trend, continued to draw the masses and the ears to their hook-laden tunes and they are deservedly handed the chance as one of the headliners of the Avalanche Stage at this summer's Download Festival.

The Welsh band have evolved into the UK's biggest pop-punk band, a status reflected by their ever-growing and devoted fanbase.

Their third album their third album 'The Peace and the Panic' cracked the top five in both the UK and the US showing their wide appeal on both sides of the pond.

Their continued appeal has secured them a prestigious slot in a prominent spot at Download this summer and Ben Barlow says that the band putting their heart and soul into their music is what has propelled them up the bill.

“As long as you write music that speaks to people, that’s absolutely the most important thing, and that’s what we’ve tried to do over our whole career,” he said.

“Songs that people can relate to. It’s a tough one to put your finger on but as long as you’re putting your heart and soul into it, that’s what people will see and pick up on.”

He added: “The best position to be in is to be defining where it (music industry) goes and where that next step goes, rather than following. Make a path for the next generation, make a path even for yourself to be relevant in music these days. The more that you worry about people’s expectations or the industry’s expectations, the more you’ll get caught up in it.
“It’s better to keep the industry on its toes rather than you being on your toes trying to dance around other people. We’re lucky to be in that position where I think we can guide things a little bit, but we’ve always wanted to be aware of it."