Download Festival 2018: Shinedown


Download Festival

Main Stage

Sunday, June 10, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


Unlike Forest Gump's of chocolates where you just never know what you're going to get, with Shinedown music fans always know they will get one of rock music's most distinctive and expansive voices.

With Brent Smith on mic duties, front and centre, for the Florida band, Shinedown will always sound like Shinedown.

A hearty blend of sugar-sweet choruses to prompt even the sternest of rock fans into a sing-a-long, draped over intricate guitar playing and built around 'the voice.'

With ten million album sales on their belt Shinedown aren't just a big deal, they are a huge deal and well worthy of their slot, third on the bill on the main stage at this summer's Download Festival.

Shinedown will warm up the crowd for Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne on the final night of this summer's rock n' roll rendezvous on the hallowed turf of Donington Park.

The band have also earned 11 top ten tracks in the Rock Billboard Charts – the third highest in history – and trail only Three Days Grace and Van Halen.

With 24 singles in their back catalogue the band have plenty material to fill their set at Download but do they ever wish they could drop an album deep cut into their sets?

Guitarist Zach Myers says: “Brent and I were talking about this the other night. It’s always someone’s first time to see us. You want to play stuff they will know, but you also want to play something for yourself, which is why we’re playing “Human Radio” (from the new album) on this tour.

“I make the set lists. I used to love doing that. Then some really hardcore fan will be stoked. But when you play in arenas like we have been, 3,000 people are stoked, but they are all spread out among 10,000 people. You’ll play a B-side and the rest of the crowd is like, “I don’t know this song.” You stick to all the singles, but you never know. The crowd is different every night, but they all love the singles.”

Shinedown are due to drop their sixth studio album, 'Attention, Attention' on May 4, in plenty time for their Download set giving fans more than a month to learn the songs and join Smith in an epic sing-a-long with thousands of voices singing together.

“It (the album) all takes places in one room, this one person,” continues Myers.

“Sometimes the one person is all four of us. Sometimes the person is one of us. Essentially, the person is starting out in the worst possible place you could be in and finding his way mentally through it all in the end. There are those highs and lows.

“We’re not a band that just pummels you in the face all the time. We like to write slower songs. We have been known for ballads ever since “45,” which is a heavy song, too, but it doesn’t start that way.”

See Shinedown at this year's Download Festival on Sunday, June 10.