Download Festival 2018: Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet

Download Festival

Zippo Encore Stage

Sunday, June 10, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


Download Festival fans often ask who are on the horizon of future headliners, riding an unstoppable musical trajectory to headline the world's premier rock festival in the future.

Greta Van Fleet are a band very much in the infancy of their rock adventure yet they have already left such deep bootprints on the eardrums of rock and metal fans, a number have already earmarked the American riff-makers as a cast iron guarantee of great things.

Scheduled for an afternoon slot on the Zippo Encore Stage at Download on Sunday, June 10, this will give Download fans an early glimpse of a band many believe will be bringing the curtain down on the top stage before too long.

Their sound is part seventies heavy rock, with no indication of mellowing their sound to make themselves more modern radio friendly.

It is a real family affair in the band with singer Josh Kiszka and his twin brother Jake on guitars. Their younger brother Sam is on bass and keyboard with pal Danny Wagner the band's stickman.

The twins are the oldest in the band at just 21 with the other pair still teenagers ensuring Greta Van Fleet have plenty of miles left in the tank and plenty of enthusiasm and drive to take the band to the top of the game.

"Rock & roll to us is liberation. A reminder that we as human beings have a voice," explains Josh.

"But I don't want people to hear me talking about rock & roll and think I mean the kind of shit they’re putting out now."

"All the modern music we were exposed to is stuff on the radio, and I can't stomach that," chips in Jake. "But once you start looking, there's a lot of good shit out there."

This 'good shit' the boys are referring to includes Led Zeppelin, Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf, a blend of music and styles they aim to lock down in the sessions for their debut album, which they’ve been recording in Nashville and Detroit.

Catch the next big thing at Download this summer on the Zippo Encore Stage.