Download Festival 2018: Loathe


Download Festival

The Dogtooth Stage

Friday, June 8, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


You want heavy? We got heavy!

Loathe are heavier than a two ton anchor hooked onto your earlobes.

If hard hitting, ear-pounding and bone shaking heavy metal is your bag then I urge all Downloaders to get their asses to The Dogtooth Stage on the Friday night of the Download Festival next month and wrap their ears around the wall of sound that is Loathe and prepare for a sonic beating.

The Liverpool band are leading the charge of a new army of metal marauders here in the UK to massive critical acclaim and a swell of fans flocking to hitch their wagons to the band's ever-growing momentum.

Their debut album 'The Cold Sun' is a ferocious musical offering but one which also challenges the listener with Loathe unafraid to test the waters with unique ideas and sounds, of course all draped over meaty, frenetic riffs and as metal as fuck.

“We didn’t want to be pinpointed as one certain thing,” says guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe, and they definitely have their wish.

“Honestly, it’s always something we’ve wanted to do.

“After our first EP we were able to take our ideas to their full extent. The way we write our music is to use imagery and create atmosphere. We don’t find it hard to write to a basic outline to follow.”