Download 2018: Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria

Zippo Encore Stage

Saturday, June 9, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon



Last year Danny Worsnop returned, after three years on the outside looking in, to front Asking Alexandria, some 36-months after a less than amicable split with the band.

The York metallers have always sought to straddle the line between metal riffs and tone with melodies and polished choruses which can dance between rock and pop.

Their sound is impossible to define to one genre. Part metalcore, part Sunset Strip-era '80's sugary sweet melodies and the odd electronic synth dropped in for good measure.

But one thing everyone can agree on, Asking Alexandria are a unique and heavy band and perfect for a festival set.

This summer festival flockers descending on Download can check out the York lads on the Zippo Encore Stage, sandwiched between sets by L7 and Babymetal.

Asking Alexandria dropped three critically acclaimed records before Worsnop parted company, choosing to focus on another rock project in We Are Harlot.

In his absence Asking Alexandria drafted in a new singer in Denis Stoff with the rejigged band releasing a fourth album 'The Black.'

Reflecting on that time guitarist Cameron Liddel admits it was a difficult time for all involved but a split had to happen.

“It was a dark time for a year, a year and a half,” he recalls.

“But with Danny, we had reached a point where we weren’t brothers like we used to be. It didn’t feel like that close connection anymore.

“And then you add in alcohol and drug problems… So we separated for a little while, and ultimately he left the band.”

Time is famously a great healer and after some time co-guitarist Ben Bruce hung out with Danny again and began to mend the fences which ultimately led to the band reuniting.

“Danny and I were both in L.A., and we met up one night and hung out,” explains Bruce says.

“We ended up watching American Satan together, which is a movie I just starred in. And we were just chilling and he was like, ‘Man, I miss this…’ And I just went, ‘Me, too, dude!’ And it kind of just started there. I went back to Arizona, where I live, and he went back to Nashville.

“And then he ended up flying out to hang out again, and we were in the studio and we’d been drinking and he was like, ‘Hey, remember that song “Vultures” we wrote together years ago? Let’s record it together again for old time’s sake.’ And so we recorded it just for fun and it was so good. The chemistry was still there. When Danny finished singing I ran into the room and gave him a huge hug. And after that it was like, ‘Man, this is where you belong, you know?’”

Fast forward to 2018 and Worsnop is back on mic duties with the gang and they have also released a new studio album they simply anmed 'Asking Alexandria.'

“It’s the original lineup back together again,” Bruce adds. “It’s Asking Alexandria in full swing, happy and excited and hungry. It was like, what else could we possibly name this album?”

Catch Asking Alexandria this summer at the Download Festival on the Zippo Encore Stage.