Download Festival 2018: Bad Religion

Bad Religion

Download Festival

Avalanche Stage

Friday, June 8 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


Bad Religion are a band who need no introduction.

The California band are one of punk's most influential bands EVER and while the term legends can be overused within the musical genres we all love so much, Bad Religion are simply that, legends.

Headlining the Avalanche Stage on the first night of the Download Festival next month, Bad Religion are a welcome addition to an ever-stacked bill of bands to tickle any musical fancy.

For anyone who isn't familiar with Bad Religion or who has had their playlist and head under a rock for the past quarter of a century then prepare to be wowed and to fall in love on the grassy banks of Donington Park this summer.

A punk band who brought three-part harmonies into the genre while keeping punk socially aware they are a band who can bust tunes but also spread an intelligent message at the same time.

Bad Religion's back catalogue is littered with short, sharp, speedy punk songs which are twinned and grounded with political insight and cultural messages.

Main man Brett Gurewitz is still as punk as ever in his late 50's now and the band have confirmed they are actively working on a new record – a follow-up to 2013's 'True North.'

Speaking about 'True North' Brett said: “I basically sat down and I tried to figure out the essence of what Bad Religion really is, and what really informed our early writing. And, of course, punk-rock was partly a reaction against the self-indulgence of the music of the time.

“So, I started rekindling all these sensibilities, and my co-writer Greg [Graffin] and I set a limit for ourselves of trying to write songs that were two minutes and under but packing everything we could into them, like we used to do. It’s a fun record with just song after song after song on rapid-fire… We had such a positive experience making this one, and everyone can expect at least one more from us.”