Download Festival 2018: All Them Witches

All Them Witches

The Dogtooth Stage

Sunday, June 10, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon



Tennessee rockers All Them Witches might just be one of the best kept secrets on the Download Festival summer bill.

Sitting proudly on The Dogtooth Stage and preparing for an epic Sunday set, the American quintet already have four full length albums to their name and while they might not have infected the ear canals of the majority of Download goers – by the end of their set on Sunday I fully expect thousands more to devote their rock n' roll soul to All Them Witches.

“We’re definitely not the band we were when we met, and that was only six years ago,” grins Charles Michael Parks, Jr., vocalist, bassist, guitarist and frontman. “We welcome the change.”

All Them Witches take the best moments of stoner sludge rock and pepper it with pysch-metal tones and unbridled adventurism.

Their fourth and most recent record, 2017's 'Sleeping Through the War' is as varied and experimental as anything the gang have produced in the past yet it retains the thick, meaty grooves which defines their best stuff in the past.

“The last day, at the New West office (after finishing the record), we just [played] the record from start to finish. Not like the order that people hear it now, but every song. And that’s something that we still can’t do to this day with any other record, just play it completely from start to finish,” continues guitarist Ben McLeod.

“Our music’s really open,” says McLeod. “Like, there’s room for mistakes. A lot of bands, they want to practice, they live together, or they live in the same city and they want to practice all the time to get their songs right. And our songs are never right. I mean, they never turn out the same way. Every night is different. Even the straightforward songs, every night is different. So we welcome the mistakes because that’s the only way that you grow.”

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. There’s guitar, bass, keys, drums, and one vocal,” emphasizes McLeod. “It’s just really simple. Like, everything from our stage plot, or input list, to the way that we record – it’s all just bare bones.”

“We can play a metal festival, a blues festival, a jazz festival…[even] a folk festival. And fit in, somehow,” he adds.

See All Them Witches on The Dogtooth Stage at the Download Festival in a little over two weeks. Prepare to become bewitched.