Download Festival 2018: Turbonegro


Download Festival

Zippo Encore Stage

Sunday, June 10, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon

Turbonegro describe their signature sound as deathpunk. I'd just call it ass-kicking, head-banging, mud-hole stomping FUN.

Mixing glam rock, punk and hard rock into a musical blender, the Norwegian rockers are a whole lotta good times.

I've already installed the Download Festival app on my phone and set an alert for Turbonegro's set on Zippo Encore Stage as they are one I dare not, will not, and have promised myself, I will not miss.

"We're just delivering the pizza. They're the ones who decide what's on it," says the band who describe themselves happily as 'musical tits and ass.'

Turbonegro sparked into life in Oslo in the late 80's where they adopted an almost revolving door band member policy before their legendary 1998 album 'Apocalypse Dudes' earned them a cult following.

Addiction issues saw the band split as they stood on the cusp of breaking through into the mainstream but in their absence their cult status grew, morphed and became a giant following.

With celebrity fans such as the Jackass boys from MTV and members of both Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age in their corner, the band reformed and now a decade on they are still going strong.

"Norway has exported three musical things," adds Happy Tom, "A-Ha, Black Metal and, to a certain extent, us. And they all have one thing in common - men wearing make-up. That doesn't fit in to the national cultural brand of strong men fighting nature, and I'm very proud of that." And who could argue?


See Turbonegro in a little over two weeks on the Zippo Encore Stage at the Download Festival.