Download Festival 2018: Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth

Download Festival

Avalanche Stage

Sunday, June 10, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


An ocean full of punk with a splash of grunge makes a whole lot of musical magic – Milk Teeth are evolving into one of Britain's best live bands and they are punching Donington Park into the Milk Teeth mobile's Sat-Nav right now.

The Stroud punks have a slot on the Avalanche Stage on Download's final day this summer and it's a safe bet that Milk Teeth could well be one of the band's which steal the show and mantle as best set of the entire weekend.

Frenetic, fast paced, furious and wall of melodic noise, Milk Teeth are the band, any Downloaders who aren't familiar with the gang from Gloucestershire need to park their hides at the Avalanche Stage for their set.

It was in 2016 that Milk Teeth dropped their savage, ear pounding and sassy debut album 'Vile Child' and they were quickly ear marked as one of Britain's brightest rock hopes.

Songs which ranged from punk ragers to catchier summer anthems, Milk Teeth are confident to wade their musical paws into any number of styles for our listening pleasure.

Singer and bassist Becky Blomfield has a sugar sweet tone to her voice and is a walking, talking rock n' roll superstar.

Becky did take some time out from the band recently, missing a series of live shows, to take some time out 'for her mental health.'

The band continued as a three-piece and vowed it was in no way the end of the band.

Fingers crossed Becky gets well and is back with the band for Download.

Prepare to be wowed as Milk Teeth are aiming to steal the show.