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Whiskey Myers

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Main Stage

Saturday, June 9, 2018


By Eric Mackinnon


If Lynyrd Skynyrd upped sticks and moved to Texas on a booze-addled bender with some country rockers – Whiskey Myers is what they would evolve into.

Whiskey Myers are a band with hard hitting, guitar-led southern rock with a country boy swagger.

There are obvious nods to Skynyrd although Myers are far more country than the former. They are a band unafraid to bare their soul in their music and lyrics with several deeply personal songs peppered throughout their live set.

Frontman Cody Cannon has a unique tone to his voice and is unashamedly open in his music. It is all these combined which make Whiskey Myers both a tremendous band and a must-see live act.

A throwback to the style of rock bands from the past, a slower tempo than some of the other acts on the bill but as equally hard-hitting and memorable just the same.

'Ballad of a Southern Man' is their 'Freebird.' A soaring rock ballad which hits all the right notes and lives long in your memory and ear holes.

A song about growing up and about family – which everyone and anyone can relate to.

“We just call it music,” says Cannon sheepishly, “I do think it’s cool that we can appeal to all those different genres because we have that in our music.”

“You have the young college kids, you’ve got cowboys, all the older people who are huge Skynyrd fans,” continues Cannon. “We’ve got a very diverse fan base, and we love the fact that we don’t have to fit in a box, and we can just be ourselves.

“We pride ourselves on the fact people are out there, an they’re seeking out our music. Maybe that’s just a sign that good music breaks through and it touches people.”