DOWNLOAD 2017 - NO . 4 - Love Zombies - 50 BANDS IN 50 DAYS

Love Zombies

The Dogtooth Stage - Sunday, June 11


By Eric Mackinnon



Love Zombies are making a triumphant return to Donington Park this summer bringing their unmistakable blend of rock, pop and punk to the hallowed turf.

Frontwoman Hollis Mahady took some time out from the band’s hectic schedule to chat to New Rock Times about her Download Festival memories and not only being please but genuinely surprised by the crowd which greeted them in 2015 and also the band’s exciting plans for a live album – which they will produce hand in hand with their fans in the ‘Love Zombie Army.’

“One of our favorite festival memories is when we played at Download Festival 2015…” began Hollis warmly.

“The night before Download we played a show in Manchester opening up for Ash …that same night we traveled to the Download site and it was raining and Davey and I slept in the van and the rest of the guys camped out in a tent ( they were very nice to give the lady thebackseat).

“By the time we got to sleep it was super late and we were performing like 12 am noon the next morning…it was all a bit of a blur…but I just remember it being so early and it was all such a rush and I just kind of flew onto the stage thinking for some reason since it was so early no one would really be there.”

She continued: “But it was a packed tent at like 12 AM and everyone was drinking beer. Just minutes before I was putting my contacts in backstage and there was no mirror, it was raining and was just crazy. But I got on stage and the energy of the audience was so exciting. I think we were all happily shocked by the response and reaction from the audience! I will never underestimate the fan dedication for early slots at festivals again.”

Love Zombie’s will take to the Dogtooth Stage with their debut album officially released with ‘Passionfruit’ due to drop on June 2. It is a record Hollis says she is very proud of as she reveals the band have enough material for a hat-trick of records.

“ The whole reason we were able to even record this album was because of our fans who funded it and supported it through pledge music,” she explains. “We pretty much doubled our goal getting to 200% which honestly we weren’t even sure we would get to 100% so it totally surpassed any expectations.

“Alain Johannes, who produced bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Jimmy Eat World among others did an amazing job producing this album for us. Joey Castillo also played drums on it as it was recorded it in Los Angeles, CA. The people who pledged and bought it have had the album before the rest of the world get’s to hear it which is only fair because they made it happen!

“I am really proud of it and grateful for getting the opportunity , thanks to our fans, to make it happen.”

Far from resting on their laurels though Love Zombie aim to follow up ‘Passionfruit’ with a live album which they hope to again produce through fan engagement and support.

Hollis explained: “We are planning to record a live studio album with a live audience in the UK while we are out there forCamden Rocks and Download festival. We wanted to utilize the most of our time in the UK and be as creative as possible. 

“Even though Passionfruit is just being officially released we already have two or three albumsworth of material written since we recorded thatand we are itching to get it down!  We decided since we had a pretty good reaction to our album through our pledgersthat we could attempt to do a second mini fundraiser directly through us and our websiteand record an album we are calling ‘No Slow Songs.’ 

She continued: “We thought we should go in and bash it out and see what happens. To put even a bit more pressure on ourselves -- Davey and I came up with this grandiose vision/ ideato record the audiencelive atAbbey Road. 

“I meanwe are an independent band without record label money,  rich parents or trust funds…sowe really are taking a leap of faith and flying by the seat of our pants here to raise the money to make this happen. Love Zombies- “No Slow Songs” – Live at Abbey Road. It has a nice ring to it I think!”

Hollis says she gets excited by the prospect of the extra challenge and they have a mantra that if they don’t try then they’ll never know.

“It’s been a dream ofDavey’s and I to record where the Beatles recorded because like they were for so many, they are one of our biggest influences and songwriting inspirations,” she continued.

“I’m not sure exactly when we will be back in the UK so I thought this would be the perfect time to do it.  As I write this we have only launched this mini fundraiser in our private forumwe callthe “Love Zombies “Army”. 

“It’s such a cool group of our core supporters who literally have made what we are doing,  possible. Love Zombies do everything in house and they help me with everything from the cartoons and art to ordering T-shirts. I couldn’t do it without them and I would love to see it grow even larger because we all seem to inspire each other and have a similar vision for a better world.”

She added: “Our mini “FUN RAISER” as we are calling it goes live this week on www.lovezombies.usto anyone else who may be interested in buying a ticket to Abbey Road ( there are only about 20 available) or getting a limited edition pre-orderof our Vinyl Record in 2017 before its released to anyone else sometime in 2018. “