Venom Prison

The Dogtooth Stage, Friday, June 9


By Eric Mackinnon


‘We will bring maximum devastation to Download,’ vows Venom Prison vocalist Larissa Stupar.
The UK death metallers are scheduled to cock both barrels and let festival revellers at Download take their full arsenal of ferocious lyrics and pedal to the floor, unflinching and unforgiving performance.
“It’s very hate driven music and that plays hand in hand with the velocity, speed and energy the music gives off,” remarks Larissa. “Writing for this band is definitely a platform to release your frustration on mankind.”
Venom Prison are not the kind of band to shy away from controversial topics in their lyrics and among the song subjects on their debut album ‘Animus’ include brutal revenge against rapists in which they were force fed their own genitals.
“ Political and moral messages in music have a long tradition in different cultures and genres,” continues Larissa.
“In Blues Josh White, Billie Holiday and J.D. Lenoire and many more have commented on racism, poverty and other social issues in their music, while Folk has always had a strong connection to politics. The nature of Rock and Roll and Punk is a form of musical resistance against the establishment. 
“We cannot deny that music can be a tool for social evolution and change. So it is important to send moral messages but only to some extent. Music is a form or art and it would be boring and uniform if everyone would do so.”
‘Animus’ means hostility or animosity but Larissa explains it can also be a motivation to do something. She says the band’s thinking on settling on the album title was it best reflected the lyrical content and the idea behind the songs. 
“Each song has its own hate driven inspiration, not the horror film style fake evil, a real human evil,” she adds.