By Eric Mackinnon


Playing festival sets on stages as massive as the Download Festival will never be the norm or something The Lounge Kittens every take for granted, says Zan Lawther, who admits the band initially believed they were destined to grace pals' parties or the local pub before hitting the big time.

The Lounge Kittens have built a huge following and won widespread acclaim for their unique lounge spin on rock and metal classics, catapulting them onto the festival circuit and earning them the chance to share the stage with Steel Panther and Limp Bizkit main man Fred Durst.

But Zan says there is a band on this summer's Download Festival bill the Kittens would love to prowl the Donington stage with.

“System Of A Down would be the one we would all pick this year,” said Zan. “We covered 'Bounce' on our last album which was a lot of fun and we'd love to do something with them.

“Steel Panther we tend to pop up with every now and then and it is still amazing every time it happens.”

“We have a few things up our sleeves for Download,” she grins. “We will certainly be working on a Download 2017 medley of bands featured over the weekend which is always one of our favourite things to do for the big festivals. And who knows what will happen on site where we will be all weekend.!

The Southampton-based three-piece dropped a crowd funded album titled 'Sequins & C-Bombs' last September with the record stacked with covers from the likes of Alice Cooper, The Offspring, AC/DC and of course System of a Down. But how do the girls settle on a set of tracks for them to 'kittenise'?

“We have a lot of similar tastes abut a lot of very different tastes too and we have n ongoing list of bands we want to tackle,” explained Zan.

“Sometimes it is obvious and it is really easy but some days with like with System of a Down who have so many bangers, Where do you start? Unfortunately we cant put everything into a medley, as much as we would like to, so 'Bounce' was chosen for the album.

“This was because it is short, snappy and super fun and also about very rude things which doesn't sound like it is about rude things which makes the joke even funnier because it seems like we may not know what we are singing about.”

Our hat-trick of heroines are also getting on their bikes for charity as they join The Heavy Metal Truants for their annual two-wheeled pilgrimage from London to Download – something Zan says she has embraced fully despite ending a two-decade absence from cycling.

“We are all training at the moment,” she explained.

“It had been almost 20-years since I'd been on a bike last. None of us want to go in the support vehicle of shame and be scooped up for holding up the rest of the riders. I'm loving it and I'm getting to grips with but its going to be super tough.

“I'm hoping it doesn't rain when we are on the bikes but our set is in a tent this year so rain could be a good thing at the festival itself,” she jokes. “If it could rain about 15 minutes before we start that'd be great.”