DOWNLOAD 2017: NO.8 - Otherkin - 50 BANDS IN 50 DAYS

By Eric Mackinnon

“If my teenage self could see me now,” pondered Otherkin drummer Rob Summons as he chatted cheerily with The New Rock Times this week.

The Irish rockers are preparing for a summer of pedal to the metal, balls out, massive windows of opportunity as they prepare for their Download Festival debut – just a few weeks after they are scheduled to open for Guns N' Roses at Slane Castle on the first leg of their European 'Not in This Lifetime' tour.

“Its been a bit crazy,” laughed Rob as we discuss the coming months.

“When I was as kid Download was a festival I loved and grew up looking at and the bands on the bill I listened to. It is crazy to think we will be playing on the same bill as System of A Down. They were huge influences on me growing up.

“I really hope we have the chance to stick around after our set as Sum-41 and Good Charlotte are on the same day as us and if my 13-year-old self knew I'd be playing the same day as they were I think I'd have lost my mind. But the biggest will definitely be SOAD.

“When I was getting into music I thought they were the best ting ever. They definitely shaped the coming years for me and they opened the doors for me for a lot of bands from a heavier style of music. I hope I see them but the unfortunate thing about being in a band is sometimes we have to fly in and out immediately after our set. We'll have to speak to out tour manager and see what's happening.”

But before Download comes a gig opening for the reunited Most Dangerous Band in the World.

“There could be anything up to 100,000 people at Slane which is mad,” he continued. “It should be a wild one and Slane is a huge venue in Ireland which has had everyone big in the past and 25-years since Guns last played there.

“Luke our singer is from Slane and he has been there since he was a kid and playing there was one of his dreams. I've never been before. To me I knew it was big but not it seems to be a much bigger deal than I thought it was.

“It is the 'big concert' in Ireland. It is a great platform for us and we will happily play to that many people and hopefully a few people will remember us after the show.”

The band will set their sat-nav for Donington Park on the back of their most recent single 'Bad Advice' which has seen the four-piece continue their upward trajectory.

But what is the worst 'bad advice' Rob has had as a musician?

“Oh that's easy,” he says.

“It was to go and play a gig after getting drunk before hand. I was shit-faced and it was a disaster and something I'll never do again. It is very difficult to play the drums when you are drunk so sober on stage is my good advice from that.

“It is all good and well to pretend you are a rock star and get smashed before going on stage but there is a lot more professionalism these days in the band.”

Returning to their forthcoming set at Download where they will hit the Dogtooth Stage on Friday June 9, and Rob is delighted his band are able to slot in alongside bands of different genres.

“It is quite a heavy stage and Exodus are headlining the day we are playing along with a lot of much heavier bands than we are but that is what happens with us,” he added.

“A lot of the festivals we play we are either much heavier than the bands on the bill or they are much heavier than us.

“We are in that weird crossover section where we can play a festival like Download or one like Latitude, which we played last year and were one of the heavier bands on the line-up. I guess it is a good thing and hopefully we can fit in a lot of genres and festivals.”