DOWNLOAD 2017: No. 11 - Steel Panther - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon


Steel Panther bassist Lexxi Foxx says the band has been humbled by the love they have received from Download over the years and a festival he says is the best music festival in the world.

In an exclusive chat with The New Rock Times, Foxx discussed his, and Panther’s, excitement at plugging in and unleashing the full Panther power on the Donington crowd.

“What we expect at Download is exactly what we get every time we've been there, SO much love,” said Foxx.

“It's the best festival there is and it's proven that every time we're there. We get SO much love from the UK it's like our second home except my mom doesn't live there.”

Steel Panther released their fourth major-label album this month with ‘Lower The Bar’ but how do the notorious LA party boys plan to Lower The Bat at Download?

“We will lower the bar at Download by literally lowering every bar that's there to make it easier to reach over and grab whatever you want,” he says. “Oh and if you are a little person, the bartender will see you better.”

‘Lower The Bar’ opens with an ode to fondness which the Steel Panther lads have never hidden their admiration for with ‘Going In The Back Door.’

Lexxi added: “Going in the back door is about getting fucked in the ass but we don't say that because of radio stations wouldn't play it then. We're not stupid....”