DOWNLOAD 2017 - No. 2 - Astroid Boys - 50 BANDS IN 50 DAYS

The Astroid Boys – Avalanche Stage (Friday)

By Eric Mackinnon


Astroid Boys are a band with a toe in any number of musical genres. A band who don’t want to be, or don’t need to be pigeon holed.

Take a base of rap, add a generous helping of grime and spread over a layer of hardcore and garnish with a dollop of punk and you still only scratch the surface of a band who are genuinely fearless and undaunted about any musical challenges which come their way.

“Nervous to play Download?” says frontman Traxx, “Nah, not at all bro.”

“We have played a lot of festivals of different styles. Urban, mainstream and rock, all across the board. The best thing about us is we cross a number of genres.

“We played a massive metal festival in Germany and we were the first rap group to ever play the festival. Even our booking agents were worried how it would go but I never had a doubt. I knew it would be alright. We ended up having one of the best festival sets we’ve ever done. If you go hard as fuck then people will love it.”

Astroid Boys will take to the Avalanche Stage on Friday, June 9, as the second band to plug in and unleash their ferocious set which will be as high energy as always promises Traxx.

“I think we are always full energy wherever we play,” he said. “At a festival we do try and do special guests, or guest vocals but it is always high energy wherever we play.

“At Download we will hang around and watch a few friends’ bands and check them out and see as many bands as we can.”

In addition to earning festival slots all around Europe and being the subject of a BBC Radio documentary Astroid Boys also provided the track which was the official theme song for the WWE UK Championship which Traxx says would have wowed his teenage self.

“I used to be a massive wrestling fan but as we got older we got more into boxing and real fighting,” he said.

“But we still have the love for the nostalgia of the wrestling and if my 14-year-old self could see what I have done with the WWE I think he’d had a heart attack.”