Download 2017: No. 20 - Five Finger Death Punch - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon


Five Finger Death Punch

Download Festival

Main Stage

Friday, June 9, 2017


Late last month media outlets reported that Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody was quitting the band.

The rumours spread like wildfire on an 80's stripper's burning loins but they were quickly shot down by Moody himself who insisted his words had been misinterpreted and taken out of context – too literally.

Here in the UK where we stand on the cusp of festival season and we can almost feel the sun on our backs, the squelch of mud between our toes (hopefully not this year eh Mother Nature) and the feel of a paper cup in our paw, 5FDP fans were up in arms.

Taking to their keyboard to vent their spleen online at this news which meant Five Finger Death Punch's forthcoming Download Festival slot could be their last here with Moody on the mic.

Thankfully for them, and for all fans of the Las Vegas band, Moody insists neither he, nor 5FDP, are going anywhere long term although he is planning on devoting more attention to his side project, Villain, which is where the confusion seems to have risen from.

In an interview with Denver Radio Station 106.7 KPBI is quoted as saying: “To be completely honest with you, Death Punch and I have kind of come to a crossroads, and we're very proud of what we've done — I mean, years and years and years and years of work. But it's time for us to kind of take our way and go do something else. So after this new year, my new band VILLAIN… I'm so excited, man. I've got Brian [Steele Medina] from GEMINI SYNDROME [on drums], I've got Stitch on bass. You're not gonna believe this: I've got Meegs [Miguel Rascón] from COAL CHAMBER as our guitar player. It's gonna be fun, man. It's gonna be a good time."

Media outlets and fans took this to mean the band were to lose their frontman but Moody quickly responded with a statement in which he adamantly stressed he has no intention of walking away from something he spent the last ten years working "incredibly hard" to build.

Moody said: "It's no secret that this has been a tough year for me and for my bandmates in Five Finger Death Punch. When you put everything you have into making music, both on and off the stage, it can be very frustrating when the music you work so hard to create is not allowed to see the light of day. I know we share this frustration with our fans too, who have come to expect new music from us — fans who mean everything to us.

"It is true that Five Finger Death Punch has come to a crossroads — and that crossroads is we're all at a place where we will never again let someone or something hold us back from making music for our fans. 
"The lawsuit by Prospect Park holding our new album hostage has taken a toll on me. I was in a rehabilitation facility when Prospect Park decided to sue the band last year, and that was very difficult for me to handle all at once.
"Yesterday I made a statement that was taken out of context by the media — a media always looking to create headlines that will make people click them.

“The truth is, I want to start a side-project like Corey Taylor has with Stone Sour or Maynard has with A Perfect Circle and I want to do it whenFive Finger Death Punch's deal with Prospect Park is over and we are out of this lawsuit. 

"The great thing about being a musician today is that you can explore your creativity in multiple ways without compromising your primary focus. I learned this watching people like Corey and Maynard and I think their fans are glad they've put more music out into the world. I hope my fans are, too. 
"All that said, 5FDP fans can expect our next album via Prospect Park and we are geared up to tour all throughout 2017. We are about to leave for South America and Europe and we have other dates [to be announced]. 
"All of us in the band have worked incredibly hard over the last ten years to build this band and none of us are going to let that go just because our record company is trying to sabotage us. I am sorry if the media took my statement as a resignation, but I assure you it wasn't."
So rest east 5FDP fans, Moody aint going nowhere and it appears the Vegas rockers are in it for the long haul.

Catch Five Finger Death Punch on the Main Stage at Download on Friday, June 9, 2017.