Download 2017: No. 24 - The One Hundred - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon


The One Hundred

Download Festival

Avalanche Stage

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Playing the Download Festival was the moment the penny finally dropped for crossover band The One Hundred says frontman Jacob Child.

It took standing on stage at the UK's biggest and most iconic rock festival with a sea of fist pumping and screaming fans for Jacob to realise he and his band mates had struck musical gold and had touched on something which struck a chord.

The One Hundred are a band of a million influences. A band whose sound is taken from parts of metal, punk, grime, hip-hop and even electro with Jacob insisting it is crucial for all styles of music to evolve.

“There’s so many styles and genres that we all believe to be a main factor in our music, which others would probably not consider,” he told The New Rock Times this week.

“There are too many people that believe rock and metal should stay the same, we want to take it to the next level and create an impact.”

He continued: “Without sounding arrogant, we all got really bored of how mundane the rock scene was, it was clogged with these ‘paint by numbers’ bands, that all sounded the same. When we started to casually write music together, we soon realized that we could probably make a stir in the scene, and whether or not people loved or hated it, at least we’re attempting to step outside the box and do something unique.”

For a band who embrace music from all genres do they have any guilty pleasures or would they hide their iPod playlist from anyone?

“We probably wouldn’t consider her a guilty pleasure but Britney (Spears) was dope back in the day,” insists Jacob.

“I listen to so many artists under such a variety of genres. I’m really into Big Sean at the minute, I wouldn’t call him a guilty pleasure, but in a metal interview, he probably is.”

The One Hundred's momentum set off at a breakneck pace, steamrolling all before them and quickly catching the ear of national radio stations and propelling them onto the shortlists for a number of industry awards.

“Yeah, we were super lucky, we had so many great opportunities and a lot of important people got on board very quickly, which shocked us all considering how quick it happened,” continued Jacob. “We were confident because the music reflected our passion and desire to be noticed but it was definitely a surprise, it’s all good though!.”

The One Hundred's full length debut is scheduled to drop next month with Jacob keen to hear what people think.

“I think we’ve developed and found the true sound of The One Hundred,” he explained.

“It’s different without sounding cliché. There’s so much in only 12 songs, it really will turn your head and I think there’s at least one song for every type of person, from pop to heavy rock. Go pre order Chaos and Bliss now, you won’t regret it!”

The conversation drifts back to Download and their forthcoming set on the Avalanche Stage on Saturday, June 10, and Jacob is only to happy to heap praise on the legendary festival and what it means to his band.

“I think I can speak on behalf of the band to say that our Download show was the first time we realized we had a following and we stopped referring to ourselves as a local band,” he recalled.

“The reaction was something we could of never scripted or imagined, it was probably our top three shows of being in The One Hundred.

“You do approach a festival differently to a regular show. When it’s a club show, irrelevant of headlining or not, people will probably know of you if they’ve purchased a ticket. With festivals, you have a slot which attracts a completely new audience and you have to captivate and cater to everyone, new and old, and quickly. Play all the bangers and go out on a rager.”

Finally, sticking on the subject of touring, The One Hundred hit the road with legendary Hollywood Hellraisers Motley Crue on the veterans retirement run in the UK in late 2015. Again this was another bucket list moment for Jacob and a headful of memories he says he will never forget.

“That was literally ridiculous, we call it the glitch in the system,” he adds.

“We never expected to be a part of such a huge tour, especially being the final ever tour with them, mental. We didn’t expect to gain a huge following, they’re a classic rock band and we’re four dudes that play RnB, Hip-hop Metal, but it was such an amazing experience.

“We all learnt so much, it was something we’ll never forget.”