Download 2017: No. 28 - Sick Puppies - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon


Sick Puppies

Download Festival

The Dogtooth stage

Saturday, June 10


Emma Anzai says Sick Puppies have been humbled and heartened by fans' response to both their line-up changes and their fifth album 'Fury.'

The Australian rock band have had a tumultuous couple of years with a new vocalist coming into the band but Emma says their fans have embraced the change in band personnel as she looks forward to both her and her band's Download Festival début.

“First of all we are beside ourselves to even be playing Download Festival,” beamed the bassist.

“It's our first time so we're super stoked. It's a festival set so we will probably tailor the set as such as we would a festival in the U.S.

“Personally, festivals are my absolute favourite shows to play and Download is gonna kick ass!”

“And I can't wait to see Nothing More,” she chimed in, “I love those guys.”

Touching more on the transition which saw Bryan Scott replace Shimon Moore on mic duties in the band, Emma continued: “It was the easiest transition we could've hoped for, luckily we were all on the same page in terms of the direction and musical taste, a lot of times that's half the battle.

“Bryan brought a great energy and urgency to the process not to mention we ALL had something to prove. It was a perfect storm.”

Emma has cited fellow Aussie rockers Silverchair as the catalyst for her picking up her bass guitar in the first place and she says she still misses the now defunct band who burned out too soon.

“Silverchair was the reason I wanted to even play music in the first place, I discovered them when I was 15 and that's where it all began,” she grinned.

“I started learning guitar at first and I got some Silverchair tablature and started from there. I wish they were still making albums, Freakshow was my absolute favourite and it got me through my high school days.”

sick Puppies released their fifth album 'Fury' last summer with all three current band members enjoying an equal share in the song writing process.

“It's an all encompassing collaborative process,” she explained. “Ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. It can start from a riff or simply one line of lyrics. 

“We were on a mission to make an honest and heavy album, something fans had been asking for, for a very long time. So we knew what we had to do.

“The response was inspiring, it's not easy to change a band member, especially a singer and move forward. We knew it would be a challenge so we made sure we did it right. Fans have been very welcoming and positive in response to our new line up and album.”

But do any of the tracks on 'Fury' allude to the bitter split with their former frontman?

“You'd have to listen and see,” adds Emma with a smile.