Download 2017: No. 21 - Stone Broken - 50 Bands in 50 Days

By Eric Mackinnon


Stone Broken

Download Festival 2017

The Dogtooth Stage

Sunday, June 11, 2017



Playing the Download Festival is the kind of thing which dreams are made of proclaims Stone Broken's Chris Davis who is clearly excited ahead of the band's Donington début this June.

The Walsall four-piece have been gathering an army of fans and supporters as the Stone Broken juggernaut cuts a deep anthematic trench throughout the UK rock scene.

In just a matter of two years the band have already been voted as runners-up in the ‘Best New Band’ category of the annual Planet Rock Awards, had a Kerrang Single of the Week but it is getting the call to play Download which has meant the most to the hard rocking four-some.

,”Yeah we cant quite believe how quickly things are moving for us and the support we're getting,” began Chris.

“Planet Rock have really been pushing us which has opened up a lot of doors, and our fanbase has grown dramatically because of their support. Now that we've made it to Download festival just blows our mind !

“It's a festival you dream of playing as soon as you start playing music and now we get to live the dream. I always say its like being on a roller coaster holding on for your life not knowing when the next loop or turn is coming.”

He continued: “We're super excited. Its the mecca for rock bands. Donington just has that reputation in which you can't pass up the opportunity to play there.

“I think just soaking in the atmosphere when we arrive will bring a smile to our faces. Rich our singer attended last year to do some press and interviews but unfortunately he didn't get chance to catch many bands. I was going to go one year, I think it was 2011 but unfortunately I fell ill and someone else took my ticket which was pretty disappointing. So for three of us it will be our first time time attending.”

Like so many bands playing Download 2017, the chance to see Aerosmith one final time as the legendary rockers prepare to say Aero-Vederci to the UK on their final tour is another huge draw to head to East Midlands in a little over five weeks time.

“Our mate Steven Tyler keeps pestering us to check out his band Aerosmith, so I guess we'll have to watch them Haha,” laughs Chris.

“But joking aside Aerosmith personally is one of my favourite bands so I can't wait to finally see them live. I think Clutch is up there as another band we really want to see live , also Alter Bridge as we didn't get chance to see them on their UK tour just gone as we also were touring.”

Stone Broken have already shared a stage on the road with one of their musical heroes in Glenn Hughes which Chris says was an experience they'll never forget

“Oh man it was a great experience! Glenn and his Crew were wonderful to us and we all got on really well,” he recalled.

“Glenn took us under his wing and gave us advice when he had chance to speak to us. We learned so much from that tour and got to play in some amazing places.

“The travelling was the hardest part as some of the drives were pretty long, think one drive we did was 12 hours! which was tough in a small van. However we did drive through the Alps which was amazing ! But as an introduction to playing Europe we had a blast.”

Catch Stone Broken on The Dogtooth Stage on Sunday, June 11, where Chris says they will putting their pedal to the metal.

He added: “I don't think we will, as with every show we try to give it all we've got, whether its at Download or at a local venue. I think we'll feel the butterflies more at Download because its.. well.. Download.

“But I think we'll just approach it as any other Stone Broken gig in which we give it all we've got and do best show we can.”