Download 2017: No. 22 - Blood Youth - 50 bands in 50 days

By Eric Mackinnon


Blood Youth

Download Festival

Avalanche Stage

Sunday, June 11, 201


Blood Youth frontman Kaya Tarsus says the Download Festival will always have a special place in his, and the band's musical heart, as he credits the festival with being the first to take a punt on the up and coming melodic hardcore band.

The band were very much in their infancy, barely three months together as a unit and with just a single song streaming when they were offered a slot to play Download.

The rest, as the well worn phrase goes, is history.

Blood Youth have since grown into one of Britain's most exciting hardcore band, they have recently released their full length début and they are now primed for a return to where it all began at Download – albeit on a steady progression up the bill.

“Right now,” says Kaya as he chats happily on the phone to the New Rock Times, “we are literally packing our suitcases now for a run of festivals we are on.

“But although we are playing a few we are undoubtedly looking forward to Download the most. Download gave us the chance first when we were a new band. When we first played Download we have only been going for three months and only had one song out which was just streaming but our manager called and said we had an offer to play Download which we couldn't believe it but obviously say hell yeah.”

He continued: “The tent we played in was overspilling and one of the really cool things about Download is it gives a chance to newer bands.

“It's now two years later and the second time we will play Download so it's going to be interesting now we have an album how many people will come to see us and what the reaction will be and we are on the bigger stages now which will be crazy.”

Like so many bands on the stacked Download 2017 bill, Kaya is as keen as anyone to take his place in the crowd and check out some of his favourite bands with a determination to see sets by Every Time I Die, The Story So Far and The Dillinger Escape Plan right at the top of his festival wish-list.

The Blood Youth journey to the Avalanche Stage at Download is an inspirational one with Kaya admitting it was a future he never dared dream of having quit the music industry and moved to Spain – disillusioned and done with bands.

“No I never, ever,” thought this was happened.

“I was finished with music and was never going to be in a band again. I had been in bands throughout my teenage years and in the end I felt that if it was going to happen it would have buy them.

“My mindset was very negative towards music so I moved to Spain and got a job in telemarketing. I never thought I'd be back but life is crazy and you never know what is around the corner.

“It's pretty nuts and I often think back to that time. Even when I got the call from Chris (Blood Youth guitarist) asking if I wanted to join together with him and form a band we never thought six months later we'd be at Download. It's all happened very quickly but it's been very cool.”

'Beyond Repair,' the band's first full-length album, was released early last month and the response from the band's fan base blew him away.

“The response to the album has been crazy. I've never seen our social media like that,” he said.

“The day of release was nits which is really cool and it's great to see people checking it out.

“We started writing last September, recording November going into December so we've had the album since January ready to go. It's a bit like white noise to us now having heard it so much but we are really glad people are enjoying it.”