NOFX mainman Fat Mike reckons punk music is a friendlier and more supportive genre than metal who are more concerned with trying to outdo one another instead of lending a hand.

Speaking to New Rock Times exclusively ahead of the punk legend's Download Festival appearance he said he can't wait to hit the stage but he also stresses he is keen to check out some of the other many bands on the bills – a stack of them which are friends of the band.

“I love playing in England cuz unlike the rude Germans, you guys have the decency to speak English,” jokes Mike, “there isn’t any different routine (at a festival), it’s always the same: I write a new setlist every night.

“It doesn’t alter my thinking, I just like playing shorter shows. After an hour it’s hard not to get bored unless I’m on E, and that’s not happening anytime soon.”

With such a huge number of bands on the bill NOFX, like most of the bands, are keen to check out the rest of the line-up.

“We always check out other bands. Shit, half the bands playing that day are friends of ours,” he explains.

“Of course were gonna watch them. That’s the difference between metal and punk bands. Punk bands watch each other and are supportive of each other. Metal bands are always trying to out rock each other and hold grudges. Punk is a much friendlier style of music.

“The Deftones taught me that. They’re the only band that did Ozzfest AND Warped tour. They told me that Warped Tour was way more fun.”

Fat Mike also reveals he plans on taking a year out from booze and drugs after admitting he was doing too much.

The band are legends and pioneers in the punk genre after more than 30-years, 12 studio albums in excess of eight million, global tours, their own record label and a reality TV series.

Recently the band even penned a best selling book NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, a no-holds barred and brutally honest reflection of some 33-years of incident packed mayhem, addiction and carnage.

The book is as unflinching as it is a true reflection of the band's journey since forming back in 1983 – but Fat Mike says writing the book wasn't a harrowing process.

“It was painful but nothing I hadn’t dredged up already for songs and Cokie the Clown shows. I have always been pretty open about my life. No shame, and no pride….. those are my words to live by,” he told New Rock Times in an exclusive pre-Download interview.

“It really is unbelievable to look back at them (the stories in the book), but when we were kids, it just all seemed so normal. That was punk rock to us: danger, violence, and drugs was our reality.  Punk music was just the soundtrack to it all.”

On the subject of his well publicised drug use he explains: “I am just as pro drugs as I am pro sobriety. Whatever works for you. I was doing too many drugs so I stopped doing them.

“I am planning on taking a year off of everything (booze and drugs) and re evaluating my situation after I’ve been sober for a good long time.”

NOFX will plug in and unleash their unmistakable brand of punk rock on the Download Festival this coming weekend with their evening slot on the Encore Stage on Saturday night @ 8:45pm.