Paul: Anselmo has tarnished Pantera brand

Phil Anselmo has damaged and tarnished the Pantera brand and image says former band mate Vinnie Paul.
Since Pantera parted company back in 2001, former frontman Anselmo with a series of public outbursts, most notably shouting 'white power' from the stage during a gig hosted in honour of the late Dimebag Darrell.
Now former drummer Paul, and brother of the late Dimebag, suggests too much water has now gone under the bridge with regards to a possible Pantera reunion as he insists he is thrilled with life in current project Hellyeah.
Paul admits to R7: "I can't speak for him. He's done a lot of things that tarnish the image of what Pantera was back then and what it stood for and what it was all about. And it's sad.
"But I carry on with what I do, which is Hellyeah, which I'm very, very proud of. And, you know, I can't control anything that goes on with that dude. I mean, honestly, I haven't spoken to him since 2000."
Paul insists he hasn't even seen vocalist Anselmo since Pantera's last gig 15-years ago while he also moved to shoot down the long standing rumours suggesting Black Label Society's Zakk Wylde could fill in for the late Dimebag.
"For me personally, it's been over since Pantera was over," he continues.
"A lot of people don't understand that. There's reasons why the band wasn't together anymore. And with my brother no longer being here, there's no such thing as a reunion for that band, period.
"I am one 100 per cent dedicated to Hellyeah. I love what I do in this band. I'm really proud of this band. Everybody in this band is such a special person, and the music that we make together, I really believe, is very special and the next level in my life.
"So, for me, I'm not worried about whether people wanna live in the past or not, man. If you live in the past, you've got no future."
In 2004 Dimebag Darrell was shot and lost his life while playing on stage with his and his brother's band Damageplan in 2004.