BSC 'not playing the radio game anymore'

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry are turning their back on the traditional format of chasing a radio hit on their forthcoming records.

Speaking in a behind the scenes video from the studio, drummer John Fred Young explains the decision to move the band’s sound in a different direction and away from the dangling carrot ofradio airplay.”

Black Stone Cherry will release their fifth album, Kentucky, on April 1, but Young insists the band have no interest in ‘playing the radio game anymore.’

He says: “We didn't have a producer that was trying to help us formulate a sound for radio or for a specific direction that an A&R guy wanted,” he explains.

“I don't know how many singles we're gonna get, we're not playing the radio game anymore.”

He adds: “Not because we're 'bad boys' or anything like that. I mean if radio wants to play us, God bless them. But we just got away from trying to sound how radio bands are supposed to sound."