Nikki Sixx: End of Motley Crue wasn't sad, it was happy

Nikki Sixx is adamant the end came for Motley Crue at the right time so the band could go out on their feet instead of their knees.

The band brought the curtain down on their 35-year career with a final show on New Year’s Eve in their home town at the Los Angeles’ Staples Centre.

Since then Sixx has been busy with his new primary focus Sixx:AM but he looks back on his old band’s swansong fondly as an occasion which was the perfect send off.

"It was hip. It was cool," Sixx reports to CBC Radio One's Q.

"Vince cried, which I thought was really special, 'cause I had seen Vince only cry a few times. That was really nice to see that. I felt ready. I felt proud. When I was walking to the stage, I was, like, 'We did it.'

"And I was able to walk on that stage and go, 'This is the last night on earth for Motley Crue, and I'm really proud of where we're at.' And I wasn't sad. I was in the moment."

He suggests to being wary of bands which overstay their welcome and end up becoming a shadow of their former selves as he adds: “I’m not sad, not sad at all. I’m proud, I’m happy.

“I would have been sad if we would have stayed together another ten years and I would have been in here talking to you and you go, ‘So, tell me how’s it going?’ ‘Well I’m playing the rib joint down the street with just ... only me and the band. And it’s called Motley Crue III or something.’

“I like integrity. I’d really rather go out on my feet than my knees.”