Volbeat singer doubtful if Elvis would be a fan of the band

Michael Poulsen reckons Elvis Pressley might want to ‘smash his record player with a hammer’ to escape some of Volbeat’s songs.

The Volbeat frontman is a well known fan of the original King of Rock N’ Roll but he is unsure if the musical love would be reciprocated if the King were alive today.

“Oh I don’t know,” smiles Poulsen. “I think he might like and be able to relate to some of our songs but some others he might feel like smashing his record player with a hammer.”

Speaking to Eric Mackinnon of the New Rock Times about his great musical loves, many of which have been inked onto his skin, he admits admits to finding it surreal when fans initially showed him their Volbeat tattoos.

The Volbeat singer has tributes to Elvis Pressley, Johnny Cash and Social Distortion etched on his own body so he while he can relate to fans following suit with tributes to his own band it still leaves him surprised.

He says: “I see a lot of Volbeat tattoos and I remember when I saw the first ones I thought they were crazy until someone said to me ‘Umm Michael look at yourself as you have your own idols tattooed.’

“So I get it. It is a big compliment to see and i know exactly what to means to people when they get a tattoo like that. It is a gesture of respect and love.”