Wylde will always have time for Ozzy


Zakk Wylde says he’d come running if Ozzy Osbourne needed him back in the band as he admits he sees the Prince of Darkness and his wife Sharon as ‘family.’

Since parting ways with Ozzy back in 2009, Wylde has kept in close touch with Ozzy both personally and professionally with guest live slots on guitar.

And Wylde tells SiriusXM show ‘Dirty Sexy Funny’ host Jenny McCarthy he will always be on hand for the Osbournes.

He says: “Well, Ozzy is  the godfather of my oldest son, so I mean… And Sharon, I love her like a mother. So, our relationship is bigger than the music. If they called me up and asked me to come over, bring some eggs and milk over to the house and clean the dog run 'cause they had company coming over, I'd do it.

“But if Ozz ever wants to do anything, we'd do it. But Gus [G.], who plays guitar with him now in the solo band, I'm buddies with Gus, and Gus is a phenomenal, shredding, awesome guitar player and awesome dude.

“But, nah, I mean, Gus is the guitar player now, but if Ozz ever asked me… Like I said, if Gus's wide was pregnant and they were having kids and he was, like, 'Gus is gonna be down for three months, 'cause he wants to be home. Can you come out on the road?' I'd do it. That's the way we roll.”

Wylde is preparing to release his first solo album in 20-years when ‘Book Of Shadows II’ will follow 1996’s ‘Book Of Shadows.’

‘Book Of Shadows II’ will be available to buy from on April 8 via Entertainment One.