Wildhearts wouldn't have survived had we made it big

Ginger Wildheart says one, ‘or probably two,’ members of the band would have died had they made it big in the ‘90s.

The band were kicking on the door of the mainstream in 1995 when their second full length album ‘P.H.U.Q’ spawned a handful of singles which invaded the UK charts.

Regular appearances on Top of the Pops followed before a well publicised row with their then-label East West saw the band lose their momentum.

But perhaps that was for the best reveals Ginger during an exclusive chat with Eric Mackinnon of the New Rock Times. He says: “I kind of know what would have happened if we’d got big as a band, at least one of us would have died. No doubt about it. Probably two of us.

“If we’d had the money that success would have given us we’d have killed ourselves with overuse of drugs and alcohol. I’m not bragging about up being debauched or anything, we were just that way. We’d have kept doing drugs until they killed us.

“Fortunately we used to run out of money quite regularly.”

Ginger is the man of a thousand bands where, in addition to the Wildhearts, the multi-talented musician regular performs with other artists and has roles in other projects.

His current band Hey! Hello! Are currently searching for a new singer after Hollis Mahady moved to Los Angeles.

He reveals there has been no progress on finding a new vocalist although auditions are ongoing.

“Yeah we’ve had a ton of applicants,” he says. “The great thing these days is that you see them performing in a live environment via YouTube, so that helps whittle down the possibilities.

“We have so many incredible talents and personalities get in touch that it’s become a case of exactly what do we want, and what do we not want from a front person?”

He continues: “I will say that the last time I auditioned singers was in the early 90’s, and the standard today is insanely better than it was then!”

While the search for a new front person for Hey! Hello! Continues the hugely likeable Ginger reveals one name he would love to work with.

“Imani Coppola,” he exclaims.

“If I lived in New York I’d like to play with Imani Coppola, I think she’s be a very exciting voice and personality to team up with. The girl is unusually talented and has a great spirit.

“I think we’d create something ferocious but genuinely unique.”