5FDP drummer bummed over Sabbath's end

Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer says he is ‘bummed’ over Black Sabbath’s impending retirement but he understands why the veterans are bringing the black curtain down on a legendary career.

The metallers are Down Under as support for the Sabbath’s ‘The End’ tour. An invitation Spencer and the band were thrilled to accept.

 “We're huge Ozzy fans and Sabbath fans, we've been listening to them forever,” continues Spencer.

“Part of the reason we do what we do, I mean we're big fans and to be able to finish our show playing for a huge audience and then get to watch them do their thing every night is going to be a whole lot of fun man, because it's their last tour so it's a really special thing because we'll never get to see them again.”

On the forthcoming end of Black Sabbath he says: “Well there's always a time, they've been doing it so long, I can see why they're ready to not keep doing the grind of the road. But it's a bummer, it's part of my whole upbringing of music.

“They were some of the first heavy music I ever got into as a kid so it's kind of weird to see that chapter in my life, but they are a phenomenal band and their history speaks for itself and they are certainly legends and we can't wait to share a stage with them, it's going to be great.

Spencer also revealed the band are thrilled with the success of their most recent album which debuted in number two Stateside – but based purely on physical album sales it would have topped the charts.

‘Got Your Six’ shifted a whopping 119,000 sales in the first week to soar to number two in the Billboard charts and six months later, Spencer is still delighted with the result.

“I mean we had a really high debut again, we debut number 2...actually number 1 on physical sales in America, that's our first so it's pretty big,” Spencer tells Australia’s The Rock Pit.

“Everyone seems to speak highly of the record so it's all we can really ask for. We're really proud of the record, we wanted to kinda make an uptempo, high energy record and we felt that we achieved what we wanted to do and to have it debut so high and have everyone talking about it so highly is really cool.”