Puddle of Mudd frontman in on stage meltdown

Wes Scantlin’s issues are continuing to play out in the most public of arenas – live on stage with his band who walked off stage and left their frontman ranting during a live show in Australia.

The Puddle of Mud frontman appears to be heavily under the influence during the video footage in which he rants manically and accuses an unnamed person of stealing his house.

This comes hot on heels of Scantlin threatening his own sound guy with the mafia, a pair of DUI arrests and no shows at live events.

Puddle of Mudd have even been forced to delete their own Facebook page due to the comments and negative publicity now following the band.

Now it appears his band mates have reached the end of their tether after they walked off the stage during the show in Doncaster, Australia, prompting chants of 'Fuck you, Wes' from the furious crowd.