Donald Trump is Hitler 2.0 says Filter frontman

Filter frontman Richard Patrick says US presidential hopeful Donald Trump provided the source material for the band’s forthcoming new album ‘Crazy Eyes.’
Patrick describes the record, the industrial band’s seventh, as ‘about fucking lunancy’ as he labels Trump the second coming of Adolf Hitler.
Explaining the entire record is an anti-Trump protest he tells Australian magazine Loud: “The whole record is about his fucking lunacy. It's an anti-Trump record... We all fucking know that he's Hitler 2.0. He's dividing the country, he's doing all the tell-tale signs of Hitler's. 
“He's taking everybody and getting them mad at brown people. Whether you're an immigrant from Mexico or you're Muslim, he's just getting everybody riled up, and he's dividing the country. Unfortunately, for him, there's a buttload of people, like us, like me and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and all the other Democrats that have been backing Barack Obama this whole time. The Republican Party is absolutely for scorn and full of shit. They are dastardly, desperate people and they need to be stopped. And that's that.”
Patrick pulls no punches as he takes aim at the state of America as he insists he’d rather be ‘real and full of shit’ than go down the sugary sweet song source material of pop heavyweights.
“The record is about the hysteria that I see in the world,” he continues. “We've got riots up here, we've got cops shooting black people while they're running away, in the back. We've got all kinds of stuff going on, and it's not right. “Listen, Justin (Timberlake), Adele and all those people are singing about how lovesick they are, and how much they love. They've got love songs and the sugary pop stuff down. So I'm going to let them do that and I'm going to be the exact opposite, and be strange, weird and heavy, and fucking dig a deeper hole for myself. Because I'd rather be underground and real than full of shit.”
Filter will drop ‘Crazy Eyes’ on April 8 via Wind-Up records.