James Hetfield says Metallica releases could be 'endless'

Metallica mainman James Hetfield says the band have recorded almost every live show and rehearsal they have ever done – meaning the number future releases could be infinite.
The thrash legends will release their Bataclan fundraising live album on Record Store Day via their own Blackened Records label with all monies raised from the album going towards the Give for France fund – for victims of the horrendous Paris terror attacks.
Titled ‘Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Metallica! The album is a live recording of their own 2003 live performance at the club which was devastated in the attack last year., 
In an interview on the official Metallica website Hetfield reflects on playing at the Bataclan saying: “It all come flooding back, but you know, my first reaction was, why there? And then, who was playing? I learned it was the Eagles Of Death Metal. And I also learned that Deftones were playing there the next night.
"So they were there that afternoon, just to check out the Eagles Of Death Metal, and about half an hour before the incident happened, they decided to leave. Thank God they did. Just the insanity of that. From the amazing memories that we have of that place to this. Quite amazing.
"I remember standing in that stairway, being just so hot. And you don’t want to go outside because it was even hotter outside, so leaning up against the wall because the actual wall was at least cooler, just trying to get all my skin onto the wall to cool down.
"Obviously it is not suffering compared to what’s happened there recently, there’s been some really insane suffering and insanity that’s happened in there recently, but to actually have played a gig in a place that this has happened – it’s surreal.
"It’s extremely surreal. And seeing the footage of the alleyway, the one where that stairwell goes down to. Brutal."
On the subject of limitless future releases of Metallica live shows and jams Hetfield reveals: “There’s such a freedom, having your own record company and being able to do cool stuff like this. 
“And we’ve got so much stuff recorded, pretty much every show we’ve ever done since we knew you could record has been recorded.
“Once we started with ProTools, or computer stuff started being involved, then it was way easier. Even the rehearsals, the jam room stuff, all that’s recorded.”