Good Tiger bassist jokes his leather jacket bought him his ticket into the band


Within 24-hours of launching a crowd funding campaign to record an album, the Good Tiger pack raked in more than they needed. By the end of the campaign they had swelled the band’s coffers by some 30,000 more than they initially set out for.

The huge response to the campaign shows the appetite to hear the music from Good Tiger, a quintet of talented and experienced musicians who gravitated to one another following well known stints in established metal bands.

Just last year Derya ‘Dez’ Nagle (The Safety Fire) and Joaquin ‘Jo’ Ardiles (The Safety Fire) linked up with Dez vocalist Elliot Coleman (Tesseract), drummer Alex Rüdinger, and bassist Morgan Sinclair (Architects) to create Good Tiger, a band with a lot to say on debut record ‘A Head Full of Moonlight.’

Speaking to Eric Mackinnon of the New Rock Times, bassist Morgan Sinclair says he formed Good Tiger when his former band came to a halt and he needed an outlet.

“We quickly realised we weren't done with music, so we reached out to people who they felt would be good at the whole, making music thing,” he says.

“They had toured with Alex 'The' Rudinger, and Elliot 'El' Coleman before, and knew they were like minded enough to form a gang. They asked me to join in with the fun because I'm pretty good at painting Warhammer. I once came fourth in the 'youngbloods' category at a pretty serious painting competition, in addition to winning countless local painting events. I truly am good at painting Warhammer.”

“I also play bass, guitar, and Magic The Gathering. I also already owned a leather jacket, so there was no need for additional band expenses.” He jokes.

On the overwhelming response to the band’s Crowdfunding campaign Derya continues: “It was very exciting for us as a band to see that number grow as quickly as it did.

“We reached more than double our target prior to releasing any music though, that was a little worrying. What if the people who pre-ordered didn't like the music, huh?

“Guys? Did you think about that? No refunds.”

But does crowdfunding allow bands to get to the point where they are in a position to record an album quicker than the traditional way?

“I don't know if that's strictly true. I know of a couple swell albums that were tracked in a day. Crowdfunding worked really well for us. It enabled us to connect with potential listeners in a way that wouldn't have been possible had we approached things in a more traditional way.

“One of the perks was the opportunity to wax my back, which unfortunately, no one paid for. The offer still stands however, if any readers are keen.”

It is difficult to pigeon hole Good Tiger into any individual rock music genre, the eclectic collaboration of the five musicians has created a sound quite unique to the band.

“On tour, you always get sucked into small talk with people at restaurants and shops,” continues Derya.

“They're all like ‘Oh gosh you're in a band? What kind of music? I never knew what to say, until our Derya Nagle came up with ‘Some kind of rock’, which I like, and have stuck to since.

“What's a casual listener anyway? That implies people might browse Buzzfeed articles whilst listening to music, which I'm not game with. Sit down and listen attentively. Be a non-casual, very serious music listener. That's what I say. Hold hands and join me.”

With well known metal personalities from other bands teaming up for Good Tiger, the band have been labelled a ‘supergroup’, a term Morgan understands.

“I think it's hard to distance yourself from previous projects, as much as I would like to sometimes. I think we all realise that those previous experiences got us to where we are, and we're all very grateful for that.

“Obviously there are a lot of Bon Jovi fans at our shows, as a result of all those arduous years on the road I spent with him.”

Morgan adds: “What does the future hold for us? Many more rock concerts, many more rock songs, many more Warhammer painting competitions. Please join us.”