Lzzy Hale not a fan of The Donald or Hillary

Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale says she is less than enamored with any of the US presidential hopefuls and says she might just ‘close her eyes and pick one’ when the time to cast her vote comes.
As the race for the White House hots up, party candidates Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton are all in the running but Hale isn’t impressed by any.
“If I had to choose right now, today, I think it would be Bernie, but then I'm looking at him, and I'm, like, 'I think he's gonna, like, die the first year in office,' 'cause he's just this old guy,” Hale tells Christopher Foley of the WEBN radio station in Cincinnati.
“There's really no fantastic choice. Last time, it was kind of, like, 'Okay, well, that's kind of a no-brainer,' but it's really tough this time; it really is,” she goes on.
“It's definitely not Trump or Hillary … The only thing about Hillary… And I'm sorry for all those ladies out there that are just doing it because she's female, but I just don't buy it; I don't get what she stands for. She keeps changing her mind. When the time comes, I think I'm just gonna close my eyes and pick one, I think.”
She adds: “I've just never been a fan. And for kind of the same reason with Hillary, he's just extremely inconsistent, and that's just a weird scenario.”
The Pennsylvania band have also had official confirmation that their first two records, 2009’s self-titled debut and ‘The Strange Case of..’ three years later, are certified gold after racking up sales in excess of 500,000.