'Lovely fucker' Ginger won't work with anyone just for money

Ginger Wildheart says he will only work with fellow musicians he feels kinship with and respects.
Over the years the mega popular frontman has had stints in several big bame bands and supergroups, and he can count Courtney Love, Nikki Sixx, Tracii Guns, Backyard Babies and Michael Monroe among former band mates.
And he says he has taken a little something from every project he has had his guitar in.
In an exclusive chat with Eric Mackinnon of the New Rock Times he says: “I love people that have the same values in life as me. The same politics, the same opinion on civil liberties, the same love for animals and respect for honesty and goodness. 
“I have a left wing socialist view on life, so if you think hunting animals is cool, sexism is fun and equality is a myth then we’re never gonna get along, y’know?
“I love intelligent people with genuine passion for what they do. I love oddballs. If I can find that in friends and still be able to make great music with them then I really enjoy that.”
He continues: “Gone are the days when I’ll work with someone I don’t respect, whatever the financial gains.”
“I’ve enjoyed them all for getting me where I am today,” he insists.
“I have artistic freedom and I make a living from this. I work with my missus and I love the friends I get to make music and tour with. 
“I’m a lucky fucker and I’m thankful to everyone I’ve ever met for getting me here, however rocky the journey.”