Back In Black frontman also auditioned for AC/DC

New reports have emerged which suggest that newly confirmed AC/DC singer Axl Rose wasn’t the only frontman considered or even tested out to take over from Brian Johnson.
Darren Caperna, the singer for American AC/DC tribute band Back In Black earned an audition and tried out with the band in Atlanta.
Online reports state AC/DC tracked Caperna down via telephone with the singer subsequently flown to Atlanta for a private rehearsal.
Accompanying Caperna on the trip was founding Back In Black member and guitarist Mike Mroz.
"After the soundcheck, Darren and I were talking to the guitar techs, and all of a sudden I look over my shoulder and Angus Young was standing behind me waiting to say hi!" said Mroz.
Caperna ran through some 21 songs with the band in an exhaustive rehearsal set including the entire ‘Rock Or Bust’ album.
“Before we started 'Riff Raff', Angus came up to me, and said, 'I'm warning you in advance that we are still a little rusty on this song!' Did I just hear Angus apologizing to me?," exclaimed Caperna.
“It was all so surreal. We had a couple of breaks, and Angus told me some great Bon Scott stories. They were all so friendly, and treated us as their peers. I still can't believe that I sang with AC/DC,” grinned Caperna following his four-hour stint with his heroes.
Caperna added: "Even though I did not get the job, it was the experience of a lifetime! Being in a tribute band for 16 years, we were hoping that we would be able to meet AC/DC one day — but this goes way beyond our expectations! Now, I have a great story to tell my grandchildren, and the guitar students that I teach at For Those About To Rock School in Southlake, Texas."
Mraz said: "This experience was so inspiring and educational. Plus, I had my own private AC/DC concert, fronted by my singer. At the end of the night, I saw Angus outside, and he told me that Darren had done a great job. I thanked him again for the opportunity. I told him that when I first started our tribute band (Back In Black), I was a little uncomfortable wearing his trademark schoolboy outfit. But then I realized that it drove the girls crazy! Angus laughed and replied: 'Don't tell anyone our secret!'"