Frehley keeping 'door open' for Kiss reunion

Ace Frehley admits no talks have taken place regarding a possible reunion with Kiss but the original guitarist insists he will never ‘close the door’ and he reckons it would be ‘magical’ if it was handled right.
In a live interview with BackStory on March 23 at AOL studios in New York City, Frehley says: “I don't know. I mean, I always leave the door open. I'm the kind of guy that says, 'Never say never.' I know those guys are always saying I don't deserve to wear the makeup, and 'We'll never work with Ace again.' 
“But, you know, they said that before the reunion tour in '96. So who knows? It hasn't been discussed, if that's what you wanna know. It hasn't been discussed. And who knows what the future will bring? If it did happen at some point, I think'd be magical if it was handled right.”
Other topics discussed by Frehley was Kiss’s infamous merchandising which has seen the band’s image and name attached to and endorsing a huge range of products.
“What happened was, once we… Well, I shouldn't say we'… Gene Simmons got out of control with the merchandising,” he continues
“You know, the lunch boxes… whatever. Kids started coming to the concerts… We started out almost like an underground band, and then, obviously, our following grew. But we started appealing to younger kids, because of all the toys and whatever the case… We did that silly movie, 'Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park'.”
He adds: “And Paul Stanley and Gene get upset about that; I just think it's a riot. I had so much fun doing that. We'd get to a sold-out show, and there'd be people there with their kids, five-year-old kids, and my manager would say to me, 'Ace, cool it with the cursing tonight, because you've got young kids in the front row, and you don't wanna say 'fuck.'' 
“So that was kind of the beginning of [me] realizing ,'Maybe we've become a little too commercialized.’”
The original Kiss guitarist recently dropped a collection of twelve recorded classics with a who’s who from rock n’ roll.
Ex Kiss band mate Paul Stanley joins Ace on a cover version of Free’s hit ‘Fire And Water’. 
Other musicians joining Ace on the record are Slash, Lita Ford, Rob Zombie guitarist John and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready.