Courtney Love lobbed out of GNR afterparty

You know things are bad when you are so trashed that you are forcibly ejected from a rock show celebrating the return to the frontline of a band both known for their excess and with the moniker of the most dangerous band on the planet.
But apparently that’s exactly what happened to Courtney Love with a number of media outlets claiming she was booted out of the Guns N’ Roses Coachella after-party for being too steaming.
To mark the occasion when the band finally mended old fences and brought Axl back together with Slash and Duff, there was an exclusive after party laid on.
Love, it is said, took things too far and was unable to stand and couldn’t keep upright. 
A source tells infamous New York gossip site Page Six: “She was literally falling over. It just became a little too sloppy. She wasn’t coherent at all.”
Page Six reports that Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, and Kesha were also at the party.