Ex-GNR man slams reunion as 'boring'

Ex-Guns N’ Roses multi-instrumentalist Chris Pitman has described the reunion of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff as ‘boring’ as he claims to have quit the band.

Pitman took a break from social media following a backlash to a comment which read: “This is a nostalgia tour, please don’t mention those who are there the last 20 fkg years. Oh god no! (a money grab) FU.”

He quickly backtracked from the comments and via social media he issued an apology and suggested the post was made while inebriated.

 “I sincerely apologize to GNR, especially the band and crew, for stupid comments about upcoming tour ... remember kids, don’t drink n text!”

But time hasn’t healed what appears to be a painful wound for Pitman who spent some 18-years with GNR.

Just this week during a conversation with a moderator of one of the many Guns N’ Rose fan community pages he blasts: “hey brother! ive been off FB for awhile, and yes, I quit the Oldies band, they just wanna repeat that 30 year old music over and over,… boring.

“but gotta killer new band with Danny [Carey] from TOOL and Matthew [Setzer] from Skinny Puppy … and we are really excited! hope your doing great!”

The posts appeared on the Guns N’ Roses Chile Facebook community pages.