Joan Jett joins Green Day ... for surprise live performance

Green Day main man Billie Joe Armstrong joined musical forces with Joan Jett in a surprise duet at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Festival was hosting the world premiere of the ‘Geezer’ movie, which stars Armstrong and tells the tale of a middle-aged rocker having a nostalgic crisis about his punk youth while already settled into to family life.

During the premiere Green Day – without Mike Dirnt on bass – plugged in for a surprise live set in which they welcomed Joan Jett to the stage to join them in a cover of ‘Bad Reputation.’

Green Day are also reported to be working in the studio on a new album which is due before the end of the year.



1. Devil's Kind (from Geezer)

2. Scattered

3. American Idiot with Joan Jett

4. Bad Reputation with Joan Jett

5. Ordinary World (from Geezer)