Axl's got the right voice for AC/DC says Nikki Sixx

Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M bassist Nikki Sixx says Axl Rose is a good fit for AC/DC as he ‘has the right voice.’

The appointment of Rose on mic duties for AC/DC – at least in the short-term - in the absence of Brian Johnson has been met with a mixed reaction but Sixx reckons it is a clever move.

"I think Axl's got the right voice for that,” he tells

“Brian's a friend. I'm a huge fan of AC/DC from back in the day. I was devastated when Bon Scott passed away and I didn't think they could survive that. Brian means so much to AC/DC. I don't know the inner workings, but if they have to go and do shows, I think Axl's got the right voice.”

With long time frontman Johnson reportedly facing severe hearing issues the decision was made to bring in Rose as ‘guest vocalist’ for the forthcoming European tour and 10-postponed US dates at least.

A number of vocalists were said to be contacted and auditioned with Rose being handed the gig following a meeting in Atlanta.

Fan responses to the news has been mixed with some fans thrilled to see a box-office frontman team up with AC/DC. But there is a significant number furious at the news with the fan site AC/DC Italia announced it was shutting down in protest, while AC/DC biographer Jesse Fink saying: It is the worst decision AC/DC has ever made. Fans are pretty disgusted... AC/DC is all about the money now."

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young made a guest appearance with Guns N’ Roses at the Coachella festival in California earlier in the month, to tie in with the official confirmation of Rose's involvement.