3 Doors Down frontman didn't want to make another 3 Doors Down album

3 Doors Down deliberately tried to stray away from the sound which made them famous on their new record says frontman Brad Arnold.

The Missisippi rockers have racked up album sales north of 20 million in their 20-year career.

But Arnold tells Music Times.com that the band made a conscious effort to make an album which was ‘not another 3 Doors Down record.’

The band parted company with founding member Matt Roberts and bassist Todd Harrell leading to the recruitment of two new members in Chet Roberts on guitar and Justin Biltonen on bass.

And the new men were instrumental in the new direction of 3 Doors Down’s new record, ‘Us and the Night’.

He says: “Those guys are both big parts of writing this record, and they definitely have some new flavours to be introduced and new ideas. They were very welcome in doing so; we really encouraged those guys to do all the writing they could on this record and they were major contributors to it and Greg [Upchurch, drummer] as well.

“Greg has been with us a long time, but a lot of times drummers don't really write that much on records. We all truly did this as a team this time. If I could say we approached this thing one way, we approached it with an open mind and nothing was out of bounds.”

He goes on: “Whatever came, there was nothing like, "We can't do that; it's too much of this or too much of that." We were open to anything. The only thing we didn't want to do was make another 3 Doors Down record. We wanted it to be something fresh and new. It didn't have to be left field, but at the same time we didn't want to hit it the same way we'd been hitting it.”

Expanding on the band’s decision to offer something different with their new album Arnold reveals a desire to avoid being pigeonholed as another factor.

“We always said that we'd leave ourselves a left turn, and we wouldn't pigeon hole our sound,” he explains,

“But after writing songs for so long, even unintentionally, you can start to get sort of the same sound happening over and over. We just really didn't want to do that again, and we just wanted something new. I always said you write what you long to play live, and when you play a lot of songs that get kind of similar you don't want to stand up there and play those songs over and over.

“When you have a good variety of stuff, it makes it a lot more fun to listen to and to explore new sounds. It makes it a lot more fun to get up there and play some different stuff.”

3 Doors Down have penned a handful of modern soft rock classics with tracks like ‘Here Without You’ and ‘Kryptonite’ well known by even casual rock fans.

And Arnold reckons rock is a genre which has recovered from a difficult period but the genre will live forever.

He adds: “Rock will never die -- it never will. I know it kind of comes and goes, like different things tend to come and go, but I say it comes and goes. It has its ups and downs, rather.

“But rock n roll will never die, and it was definitely kind of limping along for a couple of years. I can't lie, and I don't think anyone would really debate me on that too much. I'm glad to see it having a resurgence and I think people just go through cycles of music and they get away from it and then they're like hey you know what sometimes you just want to put in a rock 'n' roll CD and just listen to it and I think people are realizing that again that they just want to listen to some rock music.”