I was raised by rock n' roll says Whitfield Crane

Ugly Kid Joe frontman Whitfield Crane says rock n’ roll has raised and steered him from a young age and remains his ‘safety net’ to this day.
In a revealing interview with TeamRock’s Matt Stocks, he explains having his father walk out on the family saw the young Crane turn to rock music for solace.
He says: “Rock ‘n’ roll is kind of like my father figure. My dad split when I was a young kid and that was tumultuous for me growing up. I was always trying to fill that void. 
“I liked sports and what not, but then I found Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’. I was hooked immediately, and all those motherfuckers – Halford, Bon Scott, Ozzy, Ronnie Van Zant, Hendrix – became like my father figures.”
He continues: “When I talk to some people they don’t quite know all the lyrics to a lot of songs, but I’m obsessed with lyrics. Those are my teachers. I used to ask Lemmy all the time, ‘What does rock ‘n’ roll mean to you?’ And he’d always give me the same answer: ‘Chuck Berry and Little Richard.’ 
“I first visited him at his apartment in Hollywood in 1994, because I just wanted to pick his brain. We’d just sold like two million records or whatever of ‘America’s Least Wanted.’ I was lost so I wanted to go and ask my rock ‘n’ roll guru what the fuck I’d gotten myself into. 
“I was sat down with him and I asked, ‘What is this?’ He looked me straight in the face with his pirate scowl and he said, ‘You’re born into it.’ So what is rock ‘n’ roll to me? It’s my outlet. It’s my safety net. It’s my home.”