Izzy calls out GNR blog poster

A poster on a popular Guns N’ Roses fan site says they have information which suggests the long awaited reunion almost fell apart at the last minute.

On GNRTruth blog, a poster with the username MSL, made the claims. Such claims are usually taken with little notice but ‘MSL’ has been right on the money all year long with Guns N’ Roses news and they have proved to be very much ahead of the game.

Already ‘MSL’ has broken the news that a rejigged GNR line-up were booked to headline the Coachella Festival. And they also revealed the news Axl Rose had been contacted by AC/DC to rehearse with the view to taking over from Brian Johnson on vocals.

This time MSL writes:  "In terms of any crazy last-minute demands, maybe that story will come out someday. I don't think people realize just how close this whole 'reunion' thing was to completely falling apart and not happening at all."

‘MSL’ reports that the current line-up had opened negotiations with Appetite-era rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin over a live guest spot in the band but the two camps couldn’t agree a deal.

In a further development it prompted Stradlin to take to Twitter for a pair of posts, later deleted, asking for information on MSL and their identity.

MSL writes: “'Requesting more' might give off the impression that there was a deal and that he reneged. I don't believe that is the case at all… If somebody tried to change the deal at the last minute, it sure as shit wasn't Izzy. Thought he handled things professionally by bowing out and letting the fans know.”

Other snippets of information relayed by MSL include factors such as Slash’s divorce and a deal for shared royalties from a planned live DVD helped seal the deal for other band mates.

He continues: “The position was open. Perla was gone. The hatchet had already been buried enough to agree on the DVD issue. There was nothing standing in the way anymore. Everything came down to the wire… We'll see how long it lasts."